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Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing is the process of targeting your audience and customers through bulk emailing. It helps businesses to boost conversions and revenue by converting prospects into customers. Email marketing is one of the highly effective digital marketing techniques of sending bulk emails to potential prospects and customers and even converts first time buyers into regular customers.

Statistics says;

  • 7 Billion Email users are there in the world
  • Number of projected Email users by 2021 is estimated at 4.1 Billion
  • Email’s average ROI as compared to 7% for Direct mail is 28.5%

Email is 40X more effective at acquiring new customers than the social media platforms.

Email Marketing tips for small businesses

Viral Email Marketing:

Viral Email Marketing is the practice of sending attractive, unusual content, cold emailing to a list of subscribers, potential customers via bulk emailing. Viral Email Marketing is still regarded as the most efficient digital marketing strategy apart from social media and SEO.

·        Personalize your messages for your clients and customers.

·        Segment your subscribers according to the best classification

·        Send mobile friendly emails

·        Test copy, design and buttons of the email

·        Automate email campaigns whenever possible

Benefits of email marketing for small businesses


Email marketing helps you to connect with your audience to promote your brand, generate leads and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like generate leads, to aware your brands, sell products, share some news, improve your cart abandonment rate or tell a story.

·        Email marketing helps in building relationships and connections through personalized environments

·        Helps in the Boosting of brand awareness

·        Promote your content via email

·        60% of marketers believe that email marketing produces a positive Return on Investment

·        The Click-through rates for B2B emails are 47% higher than B2C

·        Helps in generating and nurturing leads

There are also transactional emails which help to inform about the transactions. Webzy Marketing is the email marketing specialist helping small to medium scale company as per their requirements. 

Categories of Email:

Different categories of emails have different functions. There are 3 types of emails.- transactional, relational, or promotional. Once you choose the correct type of email you can convey the correct message to correct person.  Hence we can create multiple campaigns for multiple purpose. Webzy Marketing an Email Marketing Specialist having group of professional do the job carefully and effective way.

Email Marketing Specialist | Webzy Marketing

Email marketing is still number 1 marketing tool. Companies used to generate sales and conversions yet most marketers and businesses completely ignore their email efforts for newer channels and medium. Why? Because emails are old, emails are boring.  There is nothing boring about doubling your sales. Smart marketers know when executed properly there is no faster easier and most cost effective way to generate sales except email marketing. Webzy marketing is the leading email marketing specialist create and monitor email campaign, personalize email templates, set up email automation, email extraction. As per our research every $1 expenses in email marketing the average return on investment $44 which is around 44 times of the investment. As an email marketing specialist we recommend to every company to have a strong email presence. Our email marketing specialist creates campaign and makes sure to send your email Inbox and not in spam folder.  An average American gets around 140 emails per day. Our job is to stand out the inbox. Todays’ busy connected world you need to build relationship with people and subscribers.  Your potential customers are struggling with. We are trying to accomplish. It is all about focusing on your audience. Driving relationship as well as engagement and making subscribers excited to receive your emails from you.  Webzy Marketing as email marketing specialist follow some unique strategies to satisfy their customer and get effective result out of it.

Specialty of Services as Email Marketing Specialist

Webzy Marketing having a group of Email Marketing Specialist providing the services which differentiates from other Email Marketing Companies in the Market are as follows:

  1. Create the perfect promotional campaign.
  2. Create the perfect Promotional Calendar.
  3. Proven tricks for more opens and more clicks.
  4. Deciding Which Goal and Metrics to track.
  5. Building a bond with your List. 
  6. Segmentation strategies that work which ensure emailing the perfect prospects.
  7. The perfect welcoming email campaign
  8. Secret Trips triple your email open.  
  9. Monitoring Email delivery

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